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One Mantra Concerts

crossing cultures & genres
crossing cultures and genres



One Mantra Concerts celebrates the universality of music. In particular it mines known and unknown musicians - both local and national and sometimes international - who have explored and experimented with their own and other traditional and non-traditional musics. While respectfully acknowledging the traditions that are the source, OMC is dedicated to exploring cross-cultural and cross-genre collaborations.



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Blessings of the Bodhisattvas (Tibetan Chant)

& Naad Maala Collective Band

Double Cd release concert/dance

Geshe Pema  - Tibetan Chant, Tibetan ritual instruments.
Prashant - Bansuri, ethnic flutes, guitar, chant support.

Adam Van Wielingen - Keyboard pads/drones, chant support.
Robert Fenske- percussion.

Sanghavasini Ananda - vocals, Keyboards,, percussion

PLUS Special Guests

Taking it's cue from a world where people are meeting in all fields of life and exchanging ideas, this project is based on cross - cultural and inter - genre collaborations with a view to creating music that is just music and not the result of any particular lifestyle or ideology - music that is universal, reflects the Human condition and is felt as common to all. This concept is already being pursued worldwide and OMConcerts is a contribution supporting that view aspiring to bring yet another dimension to cross-cultural world music.

Blessings of the Boddhisatvas’ Concert

features Geshe Pema (Ph.D Buddhist Philosophy). He was the head chant master for Drepung Loseling Monastery from 2003 to 2005 and  has toured the U.S.A. with the Mystical Art Tibet Team for world peace who performed three times at Carnegie Hall both traditionally and in collaboration with Philip Glass and other musical icons.

This evening, Geshe Pema will be supported musically by award winning world musician Prashant John (Bansuri, guitar, supporting chants), Calgary’s Adam Van Wielingen (Keyboard drones, supporting chants) and Robert Fenske M.Mus. (percussion)


The second part of the concert will feature the Naad Maala Collective Band.

This is a double Cd release event for the two bills.

The Naad Maala Collective Band is a Mantra Dance Band - prashant’s vision putting Sanskrit mantras/chants to specially crafted beats and world music instrumentation.


There will be a participatory component when the audience will be invited to join in ringing Tibetan bowls creating a vibrational collage and in singing.


 If you go to the source of where the music is being made you'll find something

even more interesting.
At the source, everyone's individual music is made. If you ask what the deep place is, it's your own life and it's knowing your own life, that own way that you live.
~  Watsumido Doso (Shakuhachi icon)

Sacred World Music Concerts 2016
This is a 6-weekly series in collaboration with YogaMCC, Calgary. The Venues vary


Bhakti - The Path of Devotion
Mantras & Songs of the Indian Mystics




Shade of the Living Light
Hidegard von Bingen (the music and visions)
Sora - voice, piano
Vanessa Cardui - voice, guitar
Dorothy Bishop - Cello
Trudy Hipwell - percussion
Prashant - flutes, cumbus, guitar, percussion

A journey in Rhythm - meditative to ecstatic
Brent van Dusen. MA
Robert Fenske. MA
Luis Tovar
Prashant - African and Indian flutes, cumbus, guitar

Melodies from the Empty Sky
Shakuhachi (Zen flute)
Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos - Shakuhachi and Japanese flutes, Biwa
Prashant - flutes, cumbus, double neck guitar, other


Blessings of the Bodhisattvas
Tibetan Sacred Chant & Gong Bath
Geshe Pema  - Tibetan Chant, Tibetan ritual instruments
Theresa Lee -  Planetary tuned Gongs, Bowls etc
Robert Fenske- percussion
Adam Van Wielingen - Keyboards/harmonium/chant

Prashant - various instruments and voice



Rita Karmakar - Vocals, Harmonium, Tanpura

Prashant M John - Bansuri & Guitar ( Bio Here )

Harjeet Singh - Tabla 
Sanghavasini - Karatals

Past Events

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